Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ground Broken for Denver Park Demonstration Garden

This past Thursday, May 7th, a group of nine Clinton County residents broke ground on a demonstration garden planned for the memorial site at J.W. Denver Williams Memorial Park. The group included: Guy, Sandy, Maggie, and Nellie Ashmore, Cynthia Hannah, Ceel Wathen, Dana Williams, Angela Simonson, and Taylor Stuckert.
The proposal for the demonstration garden was approved by the Parks Board on April 13th. The total area for the plot is 12’x14’ and will feature a rotation of four beds, which includes one raised-bed plot.  
The demonstration garden is in conjunction with the greater community gardens initiative partnered by Energize Clinton County and Wilmington College.
The garden will be a way of illustrating both the nutritional and economical benefits of having a small-plot garden. The demonstration garden serves as a way to increase public awareness and provide a valuable educational tool for people of all ages.
The goal is to have a place for teachers to bring students or public workshops to be given that provide a hands-on experience throughout various stages of the process.
The public is encouraged to visit the garden site which will continue to develop over the coming months. The garden is located in the memorial square (with the flag pole) by the volleyball courts.


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